Pair of Pyrex Dishes – SOLD

7 Jan

Pair of JAJ pyrex dishes

Pair of pyrex dishes

My brother is a great cook, and has a kitchen full of beautiful enamel and pyrex dishes, roasters, great big cast-iron pots – practically all the bits and bobs you’d ever need. But over the years he’s had a bit of a tendency to buy anything and everything pretty that he saw, whether he needed it or not. So over the holidays he did a bit of a clean out and these two great JAJ pyrex dishes landed on my doorstep – yay! Now neither of them are in what you’d call ‘mint’ (cheeky grin) condition. The yellow dish in particular has quite a few scratches, but I think any wear and tear is more than made up for by those great colours that really do pop! Plus, it’s so unusual to find a pyrex dish with its original lid, especially one with such great style (I love that rounded bubble shape!). A great pair that will look fantastic on a table together – I hope they go to the same home – it would be a real shame to see them parted!

Dimensions: Yellow dish – 11cm tall (with lid on) x 17cm wide x 27cm long; Red dish – 7cm tall x 19cm wide x 28cm long

Price: Yellow dish – R130; Red dish – R90

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Top view of yellow JAJ pyrex dish

Top view of yellow JAJ pyrex dish

Detail of wear and tear

Yellow JAJ pyrex dish with matchbox

Yellow JAJ pyrex dish with matchbox

Underside of red JAJ pyrex dish

Underside of red Fire-King pyrex dish

Red JAJ pyrex dish with matchbox

Red Fire-King pyrex dish with matchbox

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