Beryl Wood’s Ware Teapot – SOLD

1 Nov

Beryl Wood's Ware teapot

Beryl Wood’s Ware teapot

Wood’s ware is right up there with Midwinter and Poole when it comes to my favourite pottery houses! They might have produced some quite plain designs, but what style they had! And given that this teapot was designed in the 1940s they clearly knew what they were doing – I was always think good design translates easily across generations and that’s definitely the case with this teapot. There’s some stained crazing on the inside of the pot which I couldn’t manage to photograph, but for it’s age it’s in great condition.

A classically styled teapot that’s likely to look just as fashionable twenty years from now as it did 70 years ago when it was first designed.

Dimensions: 15cm tall x 15 cm in diameter

Price: R130

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Beryl Wood's Ware teapot

Beryl Wood’s Ware teapot

Inside of Beryl Wood's Ware teapot

Inside of Beryl Wood’s Ware teapot

Maker's mark

Maker’s mark

Beryl Wood's Ware teapot with matchbox

Beryl Wood’s Ware teapot with matchbox

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