Johnson Bros Teacups – SOLD

27 Aug

Johnson Bros 'Green Cloud' teacups

Johnson Bros ‘Green Cloud’ teacups

These are the big sisters to the smaller espresso-sized cups that we featured a week or so back. Sadly there are no saucers (although who really uses saucers these days!), but to make up for it there are eight cups, instead of the usual six. They’re also a decent size, so you can use them for a proper cup of tea. There’s a bit of damage to the one handle, but I think that it was probably caused during the manufacturing process – structurally the teacup’s still absolutely fine.

A lovely set of  cups from Johnson Bros that will be perfect for everyday use.

Dimensions: Each cup measures 7cm tall x 8.5cm in diameter

Price: R140 for the set of 8

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Top view of Johnson Bros 'Green Cloud' teacups

Top view of Johnson Bros ‘Green Cloud’ teacups

Detail of damage

Detail of damage

Maker's mark

Maker’s mark

Johnson Bros 'Green Cloud' teacup with matchbox

Johnson Bros ‘Green Cloud’ teacup with matchbox

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