Retro Coffee Set – SOLD

10 Feb

Retro coffee set

Retro coffee set

I was head-over-heels in love the moment I spotted this coffee set – what lover of retro wouldn’t have been? I snatched it up, took it home and started researching it immediately, but was soon very, very confused! The maker’s mark reads “PE Image 70 Soraya“. From what I’ve read it looks like PE stands for Peter England, which is presumably a pottery manufacturer, but if you google ‘Image 70 Soraya’ you’ll see that Jessie Tait is attached to the design, along with the pottery house, Midwinter. It’s sometimes the case that a popular design is produced by a number of diffferent manufacturers, but all of the items that claim to be Midwinter, designed by Tait, have exactly this same maker’s stamp. I’m flummoxed! To be honest though, it makes complete sense that this is a Jessie Tait design. She was such a talented lady – so many of my favourite mid-century patterns are Jessie Tait creations, and I can so see this mad spider-web design coming from her hand!

A great (albeit very confusing!) coffee set in excellent condition. Bar the absent sugar bowl this set is nearly mint!

Note: I do actually have the sugar bowl, it’s just quite badly stained – although still perfectly functional.

Dimensions: Coffee pot – 24cm tall x 9cm in diameter; Milk jug – 11cm tall x 7cm in diameter; Cups – 7cm tall x 6.5cm in diameter; Saucers – 13cm in diameter

Price: R320

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'Soraya' coffee pot with lid

‘Soraya’ coffee pot with lid

'Soraya' coffee cups & saucers

‘Soraya’ coffee cups & saucers

Top view of 'Soraya' coffee cups & saucers

Top view of ‘Soraya’ coffee cups & saucers

Detail of pattern

Detail of pattern

'Soraya' coffee pot with matchbox

‘Soraya’ coffee pot with matchbox

'Soraya' milk jug with matchbox

‘Soraya’ milk jug with matchbox

'Soraya' coffee cup & saucer with matchbox

‘Soraya’ coffee cup & saucer with matchbox

Maker's mark

Maker’s mark

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