1960s Wedgwood Jugs – SOLD

13 May

Pair of Wedgwood 'Mayfield' jugs

Pair of Wedgwood ‘Mayfield’ jugs

These beautiful 1960s Wedgwood jugs obviously belong to the same ‘Mayfield‘ dinner service as the pieces that we featured a few weeks back. I’m not quite sure why Helen’s aunt needed two of these jugs, but they do look lovely displayed together and I suppose jugs always come in handy! You can use them for custard at Christmas time (I love me some custard!) or milk for the breakfast table (if you’re very fancy and decant your milk!), or anything really! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve needed a jug for something or other and have gone hunting in my cupboards¬†only to find that none of my jugs are suitable – the moral: stock up on jugs of all shapes and sizes because you just never know!

Note: Both jugs are in excellent condition, but the one jug does have some very minor¬†manufacturing defects (see pics under ‘more’)

Dimensions: Each jug measures 12cm tall x 9.5cm in diameter

Price: R150 each

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Back of Wedgwood 'Mayfield' jugs

Back of Wedgwood ‘Mayfield’ jugs

Top view of Wedgwood 'Mayfield' jugs

Top view of Wedgwood ‘Mayfield’ jugs

Detail of pattern

Detail of pattern

Detail of manufacturing defect

Detail of manufacturing defect

Wedgwood 'Mayfield' jug with matchbox

Wedgwood ‘Mayfield’ jug with matchbox

Maker's mark

Maker’s mark

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