1960s Arabia Salt Box – SOLD

1 Jul

Small Arabia wall planter

Arabia salt box

When I first spotted this piece of Arabia pottery I assumed that it was a small wall planter – the holes made it clear that it was meant to hang on the wall, but I must admit I was confused as to why there were no holes for drainage. It turns out that my little planter is actually a salt box, and that originally it would have had a wooden lid that pivoted to allow easy access to your salt – what a clever design! Sadly the lid is missing, but I think it would be easy enough to add. Another option would be to use the box for storing sponges next to your sink, or if you’re very brave you could always drill a hole in the bottom and turn my imagined planter into the real thing!

Note: Even without lids these Arabia salt boxes sell for around $100!

Dimensions: 17.5cm wide x 9cm deep x 13cm tall

Price: R250

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Back of Arabia wall planter

Arabia salt box

Detail of pattern

Detail of pattern

Maker's mark

Maker’s mark

Small Arabia wall planter with matchbox

Arabia salt box with matchbox

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