1960s Noritake Platter – SOLD

2 Jul

Noritake 'Blue Rhapsody' platter

Noritake ‘Blue Rhapsody’ platter

This ‘Blue Rhapsody’ Noritake platter matches the casserole dish that we sold earlier this week. It has the same great 1960s pattern, and as in the case of the casserole dish, is in mint condition!

A lovely piece of Noritake that I’m certain you’ll get plenty of use out of.

Dimensions: 36cm long x 24cm wide x 3cm tall

Price: R140

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Underside of Noritake 'Blue Rhapsody' platter

Underside of Noritake ‘Blue Rhapsody’ platter

Detail of pattern

Detail of pattern

Noritake 'Blue Rhapsody' platter with matchbox

Noritake ‘Blue Rhapsody’ platter with matchbox

Maker's mark

Maker’s mark

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